A&B Player Guidelines

A & B Player Guidelines (outdoor play)

The first hour of play will be mixed with ”A” & “B” playing together.  This will give the “B” players a chance to play with the “A” players.  Using the board, winners will sign up first by entering their name in the next available block only.  Please keep in mind, as you fill in the blocks, that the goal during this hour is for “A” & “B” players to mix in together. If possible “A” players should not team together but should split off with a “B” players.  All 5 courts will be used. New players requesting to move into either the “A” or “B” group can be evaluated during the first hour by all current members of the group they are trying to move into.

After one hour, mixed play will just terminate and divisional play will begin. Tuesdays the "A" group will play on the basketball court and the "B" group will use the tennis court. Thursday the "A" group will use the tennis court and the "B" group will use the basketball court. There will be two separate game sign up boards, one at each location.The volleyball court will be flexible based on need between the two groups. During this time, players can use their board (if needed) by signing up in the next availible block .  This will allow players to choose partners and set up matches.
At NO time, is it OK to erase a players name from the game sign up board without that person's permission. It is also not OK to sign a player into a box while that player is still on the court. He must finish his game and then take his turn signing in to the next availible box he wishes to play in.


Any time an "A" player wants to play down, they should be allowed as long as that player plays by the guidelines of that group.

“B” players wishing to play up (after the first hour of mixed play) can do so as long as the other 3 “A” players are ok with the move.
Anyone wanting to move down in rating is free to do so at any time by requesting change from the steering committee.

Drop in players from other locations will be allowed to play that day and be observed during the first hour of open play. If it is obvious to the “A” players that the new player belongs in their group, they can ask the player to join them. If it is not an easy choice, the new player finishes the day out playing with the “B” group and they decide if the new player should play in their group or be asked to play on Mon-Wen-Fri group “C” while continuing to work on their skills, perhaps requesting to come back in a month