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Gamma Needle Graphite Paddle - Mike Silverman review - Apr 2018 ​​​

Thank you PickleballCentral for sending us the Gamma Needle Graphite paddle for review. 

Several of our players tested the paddle and all came back with similar positive experiences.  This is an exceptional paddle for control, touch, and spin with more than enough power when needed.  It provides the perfect balance for all aspects of play with no dead spots.  The exceptional touch of this paddle makes it ideal for third shots and lobbing.  The design of the cushioned, perforated grip is very comfortable and easy to hold on to.  This paddle has a large sweet spot, resulting in impressive placement and accuracy.  The relatively light weight makes it ideal for blocking at the net.  The elongated shape of the paddle is great for hitting with power on overheads.  Our players also felt that this paddle provided them with the right amount of power and precision on serves. 

Overall the Gamma Needle Graphite receives an enthusiastic thumbs up from all of our reviewers. 

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