Play Level Changes

Due to the limited number of courts - tryouts/move ups are on hold.

Players wanting to be considered for the next level of play can request that at any time by going to the "Contact" page of this website and entering their contact info. They should  
,also enter in the "Your Message" box, the level they wish to move into. Only Ward Park season pass holders will be considered for level changes.  A steering committee member would then set up a tryout date for the player wishing to move up to play with that group during that groups playing time. Player requesting to move up should review the PLAYER GUIDELINES AND SUGGESTED CRITERIA" and feel confident he/she can meet the listed criteria for the level being requested. The steering committee member will then check with the players of the group the player is wishing to move into and determined if it's; yes, no, or undecided, please come back for further play and evaluation. Players must wait 2 weeks before requesting another level change evaluation. The steering committee may make suggestions as to how the new player could improve their game. 
Below is a description of the skills that a Ward Park Pickleball player should possess in order to be considered an "A"level player

Knows all the main rules including how to correct the score and correct server.

Demonstrates control/consistency on forehand ground-strokes (direction, depth, and pace.)

Demonstrates control/consistency on backhand ground-strokes (direction, depth, and pace.)

Placing serves deep into the court.

Uses deeper and higher returns of serve to approach the net quicker.

Quickly approaches the non-volley line.

Able to play with partners effectively using court strategies, partner communication, and changing strategies during a match.

Avoids hitting out balls.

Consistently returning lower balls over the net.

Demonstrates a wide variety of shots with some consistency.

Uses slower paced shots vs faster paced shots to their advantage.

Able to create coverage gaps and then hit to these gaps.

Sustains a short volley rally at the net with precise placement and control.

Initiates and maintains a sustained dink exchange at the net.

Utilizes third shot drop to approach the net.

Able to adjust to differing ball speeds and spins consistently.

Hits overheads with control.

Uses a forehand and backhand lob when appropriate.

Developing patience during rallies.

Can block and return fast, hard volleys.

Can handle speed on shots without over-hitting or hitting out-of-bounds.

Controls play at the non-volley line, keeping their opponents back, driving them off the line and controlling the speed or placement of the ball.

Recognizes and exploits weaknesses in their opponent’s game.

Poaches effectively.

Has good athletic ability, mobility, quickness, and  hand-eye coordination.
Below is a description of the skills that a Ward Park Pickleball player should possess in order to be considered a "B" level player

Knows the rules of the game.

Demonstrates control of groundstrokes (forehand and backhand, direction, placement, & depth.

Uses a legal service motion. Serves deep into the court

Demonstrates placement of serves.

Uses deeper and higher return of serve to have time to approach the net.

Approaches the NVZ quickly rather than staying back.

Sustains a short volley at the net.

Exhibits correct court positioning for doubles and how to move as a team.

Uses the forehand lob with some success.

Attempts to use the 3rd shot to approach the net.

Sustains a dink exchange at the net.

Adjusts to different ball speeds.

Returns the ball lower over the net.

Has good mobility, quickness and good hand eye coordination.

"AA" Level player - The intent of the AA group is to have a small group of high level, competitive players play on a regular basis (Tues/Thursday mornings) against one another to improve skills and prepare for tournaments.  

Below is a description of the process to be considered an "AA" level player

1.  Player applies via the Ward Park Website.

2.  All current AA players vote on whether this player is at the correct level for a playing tryout.

3.  If the majority votes yes, a one-day (additional day if needed) tryout evaluation is scheduled.   The newly accepted players need to commit to play on a regular basis (at least 50% overall) on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  All officially ranked USAPA 4.0 and higher players are automatically accepted in the AA group.