Player Guidelines & Etiquette

2019 "AA", "A", and "B" Ward Park Pickleball Outdoor Play Guidelines (Tuesday/Thursday)

  • If you are interested in trying out for any division, please visit the contact page on the website to submit your request. Two day tryout periods will be scheduled for all interested AA candidates and single day tryouts for A & B candidates on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Anyone with a 4.0 and above USAPA player rating will automatically be accepted in the AA group.

  • AA play will start at 8:00 and go until 9:30. From 9:30 – 10:30 AA and A divisions will play together.  After 10:30 AA, A, and B groups will mix and play together.

             8:00                      9:30                                10:30​
AA      Plays with AA      Plays with AA and A    Open play everyone mixes
A         Plays with A        Plays with AA and A    Open play everyone mixes
B         Plays with B        Plays with B                  Open play everyone mixes

  • Once all courts are in use players finishing their games should return to the sign up board and place their magnetic name tag in the next available box. Players should follow the Player Etiquette Guidelines posted on the Ward Park Pickleball website and can place their name tag in the box they choose following the hourly guidelines listed above.     In summary, all groups will have equal access to the next available court opening.

  • Drop in players from other locations will be allowed to play and will be observed to determine their appropriate level of play.  
  • Any player wishing to play up or down for a particular game should be allowed to do so as long as that player is accepted by the other 3 players in the foursome.

  • Anyone wanting to move down in rating is free to do so at any time by requesting the change from the steering committee.

2019 M-W-F Player Guidelines​​​​​

  • Pickleballers of all levels are welcome to play on M-W-F mornings at Ward Park or ForeKicks.

  • Lessons will be offered on Wednesday and Friday mornings from 8-9 beginning in May 2019.  Players wanting lessons should contact us via our website or email us at

  • Drills and practices will be held Friday mornings from 8-9 for all players wishing to improve their skills beginning in May 2019. 
  • Social play will start promptly at 9 a.m.  At that time, lessons and drills will stop. 
  • A white dry-erase board divided into squares will be used to determine order of play.  Players will use a different color marker to sign up on the board.    Each square accommodates four names.  Players will sign up in the next available space.  For instance, if Joe and Mary are signed up to play and Mike and Tom wish to play, they will sign up in the box with Joe and Mary's names. Players are encouraged to play with everyone, including new players.  This format will continue until 10 a.m.

  • At 10 a.m., players wishing to play more competitive games may do so.  This includes players entered in tournaments, players looking to move up a level, and players wanting to improve their games. 

  • Social play will continue for all other players.  USAPA has a pickleball rating system from 2.0-5.0.  ( USAPA website)

  • Players wishing to move up to the B level should refer to level changes page on our website

  • We have a large group of players at different skill levels with different needs and wants regarding their play.  We are trying to accommodate everyone with this system —competitive players and social players.  This year we will be using different colored markers, which players will use to sign up on the board.  The different colors will correlate with the players level of play; for instance:           

                      Black - C+ or better players.
                      Blue -   D+ to C level players.
                      Green - beginners.                                   

  • If there are a lot of players waiting to play, we encourage players to play to 9 win by 1 or play no longer than 15 minutes on the court.

  • These are guidelines.  As with all guidelines, they are subject to change, depending upon the needs and wants of our membership. 

  • If you have questions, concerns or think of a better way, please contact us on our website or 


2019 Ward Park Pickleball Sign-up Board Etiquette

  • Sign your name (or place your magnet) in the first box available with 0-3 names, or sign up in another box.

  • When you come off the court after a game, the winners sign up before the losers.  If two or more games end at the same time, all the winners have priority.

  • If two or more players want to play together, they may go to the next available box with openings.

  • If there are boxes ahead of yours which are not complete, you may not play until after the boxes before you have gone out to play.

  • Do not erase or move someone else’s name without their consent.   You may not enter a player’s name if they are currently playing a game.  If you want to play with a specific person, you must wait and sign up when that person comes off the court.

  • If you want a rematch, you must come off the court if people are waiting to play, then sign up as a group.
  • Since some of the courts are closer together, it is imperative to pick up the balls after each game is completed and put them in one of the buckets.

  • Games drop to 9 points when necessary to reduce player wait times. 

  • Four players wishing to use the court for drills can do so for a limit of 15 mins if there's less than 36 total players or 10 mins if 36 or more players.  [Outdoor courts]

  • Although targeting is a common practice in tournament play, we suggest that during regular play it is kept to a minimum. Each player should receive approximately half of the shots to make the game more enjoyable for everyone involved.